Emergency 911
Dispatch 208-878-2251

Cassia County Sheriff's Department

129 East 14th Street, Burley Idaho 83318

Sheriff George Warrell


Notice to the Public:

For the most current information about Coronavirus COVID-19 related issues please go to the official page for the state of Idaho at: 


Please help us help you by doing the following:  

  • Refer to the Idaho State  https://coronavirus.idaho.gov/ website for the most current up to date information.
  • Do not believe rumors or help spread misinformation on social media.  
  • We are not stopping or arresting people reference the stay home order.  We are asking for voluntary compliance and for everyone to stay informed.  We strongly encourage everyone to read and follow Governor Little's Stay Home Order.  This was put in place for the health and safety of everyone. 
  • Please do not call the Sheriff's Office with questions about the Idaho Statewide Stay Home Order.  We need the dispatch phones available to receive calls for emergency services and reporting criminal activity.   The information available to us is the same information available to the you.
  • With everyone's cooperation we can overcome this pandemic sooner than later.   We are here for you.  Please help us help you by staying home.
  • Links are provided below for your convenience.


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Our mission is to provide and maintain, as much as is practicable, and given all available, resources, a feeling of security and safety among all persons within our legal jurisdiction.


It is critical that all members understand and support the organizations missions. Our mission is our legitimate basis for existence and the basis of our professional ethics, goals, objectives, rules, regulations, operating policies, procedures, and practices.


Mission is functionally defined by the power established by legislated authority and the demands for service from our public. It is the direct and ultimate responsibility of the Sheriff to interpret public demands and, within budgeted resources, provide for the best possible delivery of our services.


The nature of public safety and security forces services are varied. Examples include but are not limited to: equal, equitable, and fair enforcement of laws; responding to calls for non-enforcement services; active patrol; security and protection of prisoners; personnel, on-duty as well as off duty. These services, and the perception we create while engaging in these services, are functionally defined, made real and ultimately judged by the nature of activities we engage in as well as how we appear while engaged in such activities. In summary, our mission is to deliver a service as well as a perception of service, i.e.; a feeling of safety and security.


Our mission is a contract with our citizens as well as an affirmation of their trust. A contract that each employee is charged with the responsibility to protect and promote. Failure to do so will lead to the loss of citizen empathy for our needs, result is public alienation, and eventually bring out the loss of the publics confidence and our authority to exist.

Cassia County Values

Every County Employee will take the initiative to demonstrate and support these values.

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Dignity and respect for the individual
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous improvement
  • Respect for cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Seek citizen input and involvement

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