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Dispatch 208-878-2251

Cassia County Sheriff's Department

129 East 14th Street, Burley Idaho 83318

Sheriff's Civil Services

The Sheriff's Office will service all criminal and civil paper service.

Effective January 1, 2004

Phone              (208) 878-2252

Civil Fax          (208) 878-4475

31-3203 Sheriff’s Fees

Updated Fee's 08/15/2017

  • Service and Return Fee Total 


  • For serving summons and complaint



  • For serving an attachment on property or levying an execution


  • For Making and issuing a keeper’s receipt


  • For taking a bond or undertaking in any case



  • For copy of and making a return on any Writ, Process or other papers served or not served where attempts were made



  • For serving every notice, rule or order



  • For making and posting notices and advertising roperty for sale on attachment or execution



  • For serving a writ of possession or restitution


  • Moving and storage expense per Writ of Possession or Restitution.  Advance deposit required.

Actual Cost


  • For holding each inquest or trial of right of Property



  • For serving a subpoena for each witness summoned


  • For commissions for receiving and paying over money on execution or other process when land or personal property has been levied on and sold:

On the first $1000.00                       3%

On all sums above that amount      2%

But in no case of sale of real estate shall his

commission exceed the sum of…    $100.00


When the amount of such sale is credited on the debt

and no money is transferred



For commissions for receiving and paying over money

on execution without levy, or where land or goods are

not sold.

On the first $1,000.00                1.5%

Over the sum of $1,000.00       0.5%

but not to exceed in any case    $75.00

The fees herein allowed for the levy of an execution,

costs for advertising and percentage for making or

collecting the money on execution, must be collected

from the judgment debtor by virtue of such execution,

in the same manner as the sum therein directed to be



For drawing and executing a sheriff’s deed…



For executing a certificate of sale, exclusive of the

filing and recording of same…



For making every arrest in a criminal proceeding



For summoning each juror…


For serving a subpoena in a criminal action or

proceeding, for each witness summoned…


For traveling to serve any summons and complaint,

or any other process by which an action or

proceeding is commenced, notice, rule, order,

subpoena, venire, attachment on property, to levy

and execution, to post notice of sale, to sell property

under execution or other order of sale, or execute

and order of arrest, or order for the delivery of

personal property, writ of possession or restitution,

to hold inquest or trial or right of property, for each

mile actually and necessarily traveled for the first

twenty-five miles no charge shall be allowed, and

for any miles traveled over twenty-five miles, even

if process is not served, the following shall be

allowed, in going only…


For traveling to execute any warrant of arrest,

subpoena, venire or other process in criminal cases,

or for taking a prisoner from prison, before a court

or magistrate, or for taking a prisoner from the place

of arrest to prison or before a court or magistrate,

for each mile actually and necessarily traveled, in

going only…



For each additional prisoner taken at the same time,

per mile


For all services under the election laws, the same

mileage and fees as in this chapter provided for

similar services.

For copy of and making an interim return on a

continuing garnishment to show disbursement of

moneys held by the Sheriff…



For postage and processing of each mail renewal

class D driver’s license authorized pursuant to

section 49-319, Idaho Code…