Emergency 911
Dispatch 208-878-2251

Cassia County Sheriff's Department

129 East 14th Street, Burley Idaho 83318

Dispatch Center

Medical or Emergency 911 Calls

Cassia County certifies all thier 911 personnel to be emergency medical dispatchers (EMD's).  This means that through telephone interrogation, the dispatcher can continuously access patient information which results in selecting approriate field response for the medical incident.  The dispatcher can also provide pre-arrival instructions to the calling party to assist in stabillizing patient condition until paramedics arrive.

What questions will I be asked if I am reporting a medical emergency?

  • What's the address of the emergency?
  • What's the phone number you're calling from?
  • What's the problem, tell me exactly what happened?
  • Are you with the person now?
  • How old is the person?
  • Is the person conscious?
  • Is the person breathing?

Additional key questions

Depending on the chief complaint that you are reporting on a medical call, i.e., broken leg, headache, chest pain, etc., the dispatcher will be asking other detailed questions.  These questions are related to the nature of the illness or injury.  Remain calm.  Listen to the questions being asked and try to answer them in a concise and clear tone.  Don't get frustrated, don't panic, don't get impatient and just allow the 911 process to work for you.